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Customer Testimonials

Blue Leaf is the most established and well-respected book scanning company today. With over 6 years of direct scanning experience, Blue Leaf was the very first to bring scanning services to the consumer. No other company can make this claim, and in fact other start-up companies have borrowed our content, pricing, and methods (they say that counterfeiting is the best form of flattery!).



"The quality of the OCR'd text is better than or Google books. These books aren't available on the Internet, and wanted them for e-SwordBbible software. I'm very impressed with the quality of your scans and OCR. I did not expect the formatted word documents with bold, italics, etc. I only expected unformatted text like / Google books has. That was very nice surprise!" - Anonymous
"quality: top notch, better than google or microsoft. You guys have really done great stuff for my research community and without knowing it future generations. Hopefully your recent move went well and thank you for the great services you offer." -- D. Brehm
"Absolutely brilliant job! I'm really impressed with your OCR system, as well as with the quality of the raw scans." - Mark Jaroski
"Very impressed with the accuracy of the ocr conversion from a complex book that cannot have been easy to process. I can unhesitatingly recommend Blue Leaf to any publisher looking to obtain a digital conversion from printed text." - Stephen J Seccombe Sunflower Books
“I must commend you on the quality of your work. I was surprised and pleased with how clean the files were. Although I can do OCR scanning myself, I will definitely be using your services again for future projects.” — Linda Scotte, Frog Press
“We were very happy with your services. And, I have recommended you at a Writers Conference where I was speaking last October. I will recommend you again when I do my next speaking this coming June!” — Rik
"Thanks for a great job - the computerized audio is especially amazing." - Rick Fleeter
"Hi there, I recently received my order (order#[snip]). First off, the quality is amazing, especially the word versions - fantastic!" - Jonas Gerson
"Briefly tinkered with the book copies and see that revisions will be easy. Am very grateful for the time Blue Leaf saved me. I certainly wasn't able to get a good quality scan by myself." - Donna Huston Murray
"Wow. What a terrific job you did. I am absolutely delighted. Thank you so much! The entire process, from placing order to unzipping the final product, was pure joy!"
"Am very impressed with the OCR scan in the unformatted Word file. REally like the different files sent, so I can use the ones I need. Fast service. I'm sure I'll use this service again for some more books I have, but do not have in digital format. Thanks!"
"thank you so much! you guys are awesome! I appreciate the fantastic customer service via chat and quality work done in less than stated Rush Delivery - that's what I needed! my goofy professor in my online course required a book that isnt available in ebook format... and you guys rescued me!" - Leonardo Camargo
"I just looked at the pdf version and it looks super. I am glad you were able to include the color plates as well. My book is now 33 years old but the math is timeless and still very valid. You did a great job. I'm going to send more." - Earnest Hall
"Hi, Just a quick note to say what a fantastic service this has been. I'll fill in the feedback form and will definitely be using your service, and heartily recommending your service, again. Thank you so much." - Alison
"Your servce has been exemplary. This is my first time with this and Murphy's Law is in full effect. Not to worry. I have 10 more and when I get this two straight, I'm set. Much appreciation." - Marjorie Holtzclaw
"Good turn around since it was christmas and I sent the book from the UK. Very pleased with my scan. Will be sending more your way!" -Graham Shelmerdine
"We at [snip] very much appreciate your willingness to speed our order along as quickly as possible. Thank you!" - Tim Williams
“I’m very pleased with your service, and have recommended you to a lot of my writer friends and on my writer blog. Thanks so much for doing such a good job.” - Velda Brotherton
"You guys have really done great stuff for my research community and without knowing it future generations. Hopefully your recent move went well and thank you for the great services you offer." -- D. Brehm
"Thanks for the prompt, fine work. You've helped us conserve resources and save time!"



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